PV Solar Inspection Add-on


For an inspector to perform a Photovoltaic (PV) Solar inspection, the inspector is required to be trained and certified through NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners). The inspection process includes examination of the following... 

Mounting/Racking System

  • Roof penetrations are flashed to prevent moisture from entering the roof.
  • Racking and PV system support structures installed and torqued per manufacturer’s instructions.

Wiring System, Conduit and Raceways

  • All conductors are identified.
  • PV source and output circuits must be separated from non-PV system circuit conductors and inverter output circuit conductors.
  • DC positive and negative conductors identified with white, solidly grounded PV system.
  • Conductor are secured within 12 inches of termination.
  • PV system conductors grouped and identified and module conductors are secured at intervals that do not exceed NEC requirement.
  • Properly sized equipment grounding conductor is routed with the circuit conductors.
  • Terminals containing more than one conductor are listed for multiple conductors.
  • All exterior DC conduit, enclosures, raceways, cable assemblies, junction boxes, combiner boxes, and disconnects on buildings are marked per NEC/NFPA.      


  • Connectors /or terminals used are listed as approved for use.
  • Pressure terminals are listed for the environment and tightened to manufacturer recommendations.
  • Twist on wire connectors are listed for the environmen and installed per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Power distribution blocks are listed and rated for DC.


  • Module manufacturer, make, and model of modules match.
  • Modules are attached to the mounting structure according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Module connectors are tight, secure, and in good condition (i.e., broken glass/cells, discoloration, frame damage, etc.).
  • Grounding/Bonding - modules are bonded in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instructions and NEC.

Accessible Equipment at Ground Level

  • Equipment locations are per NEC.
  • Connection from PV system to grounding system per NEC.
  • Overcurrent devices in the PV DC circuits are listed for use in PV system.
  • Disconnects used are rated for the maximum short circuit current and voltage. Isolating devices/disconnects are integrated into the equipment.
  • Connectors that are readily accessible and operating at over 30 volts DC or 15 volts AC require a tool for opening.
  • PV source and output circuits in readily accessible locations and operating over 30V are guarded or in a raceway.

DC/AC Inverter

  • Ensure properly secured with required clearances.
  • Inverter or other listed equipment provides DC ground-fault protection for the DC PV array.
  • Required labels per Signage Requirements Table installed.

Point of Utility Interconnection (Instructions for Owner/Client)

  • Convey point of connection is on the Load, Supply or Line side of the service disconnecting means.
  • Ensure Load connections, total rating of the OPD supplying a panelboard plus 125% of the inverter output current does not exceed 120% of the rating of the panelboard busbars. Ensure PV breaker is located at the opposite end of the bus from the feeder connection, unless the bus assembly has ampacity rating equal to or greater than the sum of 125% of the inverter output current and the rating of the overcurrent device protecting the panelboard.
  • Supply-side connections, the sum of the ratings of all OCPDs connected to the power source must not exceed the rating of the service. Overcurrent protection for supply-side connected power source conductors must be provided within 3m (10’) of the point of interconnection to the service.
  • PV system disconnecting means labeled similarly to “PV SYSTEM DISCONNECT” and readily accessible. 

Rapid Shutdown

  • Rapid shutdown initiation device installed and located per approved plans. For one- and two-family dwellings device must be outside at a readily accessible location.
  • Installed rapid shutdown equipment, other than the initiation device, must be listed for the application.
  • Required labels per Signage Requirements Table installed.