WDO Inspection Add-on


To perform a WDO inspection in Ohio, an inspector is required to be properly trained and ceritified by a recognized association (i.e. InterNACHI) as a Ceritifed WDO Inspector. COHI uses Licensed WDI Inspectors for this service.

A WDI/WDO (Wood Destroying Insect/Organism) inspection is an investigation of the structure, to see if there are WD insects present. 

Some of the things inspectors look for include:

  • Indentations in drywall, doors or window and wall facings
  • Wood that sounds hollow when you knock on it
  • Termite excrement (officially called frass, it resembles wood shavings)
  • Tiny mud tunnels, usually near the foundation wall or any crack in the structure of the home (termites can build a whole system of interconnecting tunnels under your home)
  • Actual termites

WDI inspectors check for signs of swarmers (termites). Swarmers are members of the colony that have wings. Termites swarm when it is time to venture out and start their own colonies. They are classified into three groups based upon nesting preferences... subterranean, drywood, and dampwood.

Other WD insects include Beetles and Carpenter Ants. Some conducive conditions for WDI include...

  • Wood To Ground Contact
  • Planter Boxes in contact with structure
  • Poor Ventilation/Excessive Moisture
  • Footings below soil, will plate
  • Firewood in contact with structure