Irrigation Inspection Add-on


To perform an Irrigation inspection, an inspector is required to be properly trained and ceritified by a recognized association (i.e. InterNACHI) as a Ceritifed Irrigation Inspector.

When purchasing a residential property with an irrigation system, it’s important to note certian aspects and run through the opertaing process.

Items to note:

  1. What kind of valve does the home use for irrigation?  It may be an atmospheric vacuum breaker or a double-check valve assembly.

  2. The spray heads used for watering are a critical component of the system. Note their positioning, pressure, and function via the manifold and its pipes all affect the health of the lawn.

  3. The landscape itself is a key indicator about the effectiveness of the lawn irrigation system. Where the grass may be greener, whether there are depressions or damp spots, and where there may be yellow or dried-out areas are all clues about the system’s performance.

If not installed and maintained properly, a lawn irrigation system can create problems for the health of a property’s lawn. A faulty system can lead to wasteful water use, or, worse, contamination of the home’s potable water supply.