Stucco Inspection Add-on


To perform a Stucco inspection, an inspector is required to be properly trained and ceritified by a recognized association (i.e. InterNACHI) as a Ceritifed Stucco Inspector.

Stucco, or render, is a material made of aggregate, sand, cement, and water, and sometimes fibers for added strength. Stucco is applied wet, moisture cured, with the final product hardening to a dense solid. It is commonly used as a cladding for exterior walls on residential exteriors, and is commonly applied over construction materials such as expanded metal lath, concrete (with lath), cement masonry units (with or w/out lath), or clay brick and adobe for decorative and structural purposes.

In recent history the use of rigid insulation has been applied to the exterior substrate (energy code) prior to the mechanical attachment of the lath. The system is typically inclusive of a air/weather resistant barrier sheet or adhesively over a fluid applied air/weather resistant. The final finish can be either traditional cement or an EIFS type of acrylic finish coat.